Arrow Shed 10'x14' EG Steel Storage Building

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Arrow Shed 10’x14’ EG Steel Storage Building
Price: $469.99
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Shipping Estimates: Ships in 3-5 business days. (Wednesday, Oct 28 to Monday, Nov 02) + transit
Condition: New


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This is a very good price. Just helped my son-in-law put together a slightly smaller version of this same shed. It seems to be very good quality. Most of the holes aligned! But it is a HUGE job. I mean HUGE. Lots of screws. Pretty good instructions - but pay attention to the order of things! Not impossible for DIYers - but there was 2 of us and I’d say a weekend is not enough time unless you have perfect weather, power tools, and work dawn to dusk …

What is it’s height? I don’t know if I missed that in the write up.

Thank you

It’s 62" at the sides and 79" at the peak in the center.

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Thank you so much GoGators!!

I had this model I bought from Sears. I still have a scar on my leg from getting cut by a sheet of the metal. Very sharp!!! Wear thick clothing and gloves. I put it up myself but I recommend you have someone help. It did end up collapsing under a snow storm so don’t let it pile up if you live in a snow zone.

Just wondering if there is something that can be applied to the roof so that the snow just slides off?

Also would like to know about rusting…will it be a problem? I thought that galvinized steel wasn’t supposed to rust, but, in practice, you never know…can anyone shed light on this (no pun intended!).

Hi - Arrow sells something they call Roof Strengthening Kits. You can find them on Amazon. They double the snow load strength but are a little pricey. If you’re in a heavy snow area, they’re worth it, but if not, just be smart about it, as they won’t collapse after just an inch or two. As for rust, if you check their website, the warranty covers rust, so I think you’re good. You can always repaint them too.

I didnt have this model of shed, but I did have one similar to it. I live in indiana so I do live in a snow zone, never had a roof collapsing problem. Our problem was the foundation we made for it was plywood over treated board and the plywood started to rott. Which made the floor collapse a couple of times which I patched. But the real problem with that was the screws that anchored the shed to the plywood began to rott out so about ten years afteer I had erected it. The shed was still perfect but we had a really windy(tornado producing) storm come through and lifted the entire shed and flung it about twenty feet. It then started rolling accross my neighbors yard into a road. And then started rolling to another house.

MY neighbors and i were out in this storm with sirens going off trying to anchor it behind some trees so it didn’t hit any thing. Everything that was storred in teh shed then got rained on and ruined. Homeowners told me with a 1k deduction that I shouldn’t file a claim so I didn’t.

Does it make tons of noise in the rain?

You plan on hangin out in one often?


Can anybody tell me the size and weight of the two packages for shipment.

Not sure - it hasn’t rained since we put it up. My guess is yes, it would be loud in rain because it’s just a metal roof with no insulation …

How wide is the door opening?

The door opening is 55" – the manual is here:

That’s also listed in the “Features”.

Per the vendor:
Each carton is 140lbs, for 280 lbs total.

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