Arrow Sheds And Greenhouses

Does anyone know if these come with the floor? I have seen some sheds for sale that do not have the floor included, and there is nothing in the descriptions about whether a floor is included in the kit.

I emailed the buyer, and these sheds do NOT have floors included. Great question, thanks for pointing that out!

I never expect these to come with “ a floor” anyway. If you can’t construct a nice base for these you probably shouldn’t owe one.
I’ve looked all over but can’t find any reviews on these, anybody else have better luck?

Hi Greg From Arrow Shed. Here is a review on the NB63 – Arrow Horizontal Garden Shed

I am not a “do it your selfer”, but, I had a pro helper, my next door neighbor, to help put it together, It is sturdy, and today it rained hard, and, zero leak. Will need some adjusting, as the top on one side exposes the slots where water can get in, but, should not be hard to do. I put a sturdy wood treated floor under it and anchored it. All in all, it will be a best value, well worth the modest price, and better than the rubber like sheds. It is as advertised, and sturdy. Screws could have been a bit longer and all holes predrilled weren’t.
Reviewed by: Ron Whitehead from Beavercreek, Ohio. on 12/3/2012

These sheds do not base or floor kit. We recommend that these sheds be built on a wood base or a concrete pad. Greg from Arrow Shed

I own the 6x3 shed. I purchased elsewhere for a similar price. The shed is of decent quality and does what I need it to do. It is very lightweight so it won’t feel sturdy until it is fully constructed. The instructions were a little hard to follow at times. Having two people doing the assembly is a must for some steps. Also,some steps required getting a tiny nut & bolt in a very narrow space. Overall a good shed, but I’m not sure I’d buy a second one because of my frustrations with the assembly process.

Thanks for being an active member of the community and responding to questions about your product.

I purchased an Arrow shed the last time they were on Woot and I am really happy with the result. It does come shipped via a 18 wheeler Semi-tractor trailer which made it very difficult to get into the street where I live as its a small neighborhood. The box itself fits fine in a pickup truck so maybe have a friend with a pickup on standby.

The Arrow company itself was really great to deal with(based out of Illinois). I cant speak for these models that are being currently offered but the one I purchased was discontinued and a Woot exclusive. They do not come with a floor or a good way to anchor them. Those kits are sold separately. I had one issue in which the parts where the doors attached to the shed were not lining up. I contacted them and they were super helpful and went out of their way to try to solve the problem. They even pulled the parts from the warehouse to partially assemble that section to see the problem. They 2 day shipped me the door jabs and hinges and a ground anchor kit for my troubles.
It turned out to be the hinges that were drilled wrong and the issue was fixed. I am glad I did not have to drill holes which would have been the final way to resolve the problem.

A word of advice is have someone help you out as it is difficult to assemble alone(but not impossible). Also make sure you check the part numbers during EVERY step of the assembly. There are many parts that are exactly the same except for one set of holes or a notch and I had to disassemble sections to get those parts back since they fit and look right in other places. Also until the wall panels and roof are in at least the upper and lower rails they come apart frustratingly easily. I combated this by taping the seam on the inside. Wish I thought of that trick earlier.

All in all the shed is great and It keeps my Harley safe from the elements.

This may be obvious to any handy person but, be sure to check your dimensions. I have been thinking of building a small shed behind the house to hide my garbage can. I thought the 3X6 shed would be just the thing. However. The shed is 35" tall and my garbage can is 42" tall. It would make a very bad hiding spot.

In My Cart But Then Gone When Hit Buy - Booo Hoooo

Why do these things never seem to come in 144 sq ft sizes?
I realize that most places have a limit of 120 sq ft before requiring a permit/taxes, but quite surprisingly, it’s 144 sq ft in my area. A 12’x12’ or 10’x14’ sure would be nice.

I’m always on the fence with these sheds as I could use one but I wonder what is the expected life span they have with the California elements.

Also, what if anything can I do to make the shed last longer to prevent rust? Is there a spray or chemical I can put on it day one to prevent rust? Anyone have suggestions?

Lastly, does the green house shed have shelving included? It seems from the photo there are plants on shelves.

Thank you in advance for any input.

Why should I not buy this from Wally World? 10x14 for $679 and comes With the ground kit.

First of all, keep the roof, base perimeter and door tracks free of debris. Items may accumulate, retain moisture and give off acid which is harmful to your shed. Lubricate the door track with a furniture polish or silicone spray. This will keep the doors operating smoothly. Keep the doors closed and locked to prevent wind damage. You don’t want one of those nasty winter storms blowing all kinds of debris into your shed.These 3 simple steps will keep your shed looking good and functioning properly for a long time.

Just like your car, for a long-lasting finish, periodically clean and wax the exterior surface. Washing and waxing keeps your shed looking new. We recommend washing with a mild soap solution and for waxing, a spray automotive type wax. Touch up scratches as soon as you notice them by immediately cleaning the area with a wire brush or emery paper, washing it and applying touch-up paint.

The greenhouse does not come with shelving

Greg Arrow

Does the small NB-63 style shed have the ability to be locked closed? Can not find any indication in the description or on Arrows website that speaks to security.

How strong/secure are these?
If the Arrow rep can give me some good guidance on any of these sheds or any others they carry…
I’m looking for something I can lock up my bike and vespa scooter in. I own a 3-family house and although I’m not extremely concerned someone is going to break into any outbuilding I put up, it is likely that someone may attempt to. I’m not home 12+ hours a day and live alone, so it’s important to have a decent level of security. Please advise.

I ordered a 10x8 yesterday before they sold out,

what is the actual recommended foundation & exterior dimensions?
(specs listed for those two dimensions seem to be from the 10x12 shed listing, instead of what the 10x8 should be)

Also weight may be off (10x8 listed at 228lbs,
more than the 10x12 listed at 192lbs).

I’m not the rep but I use mine for exactly this purpose. They are sturdy. Mine has withstood quite a few storms as I have it anchored to the gravel it sits on. Its not impenetrable but the material itself is soo noisy that anyone breaking into it by trying to break it or take it apart would cause a lot of ruckus. My doors are on hinges which I imagine would be stronger than the ones on a track. My latch is also made of metal. I dont know if Arrow makes them out of plastic but I have seen some sheds that have plastic latches for the lock.

Sorry recommendation foundation is 121.00" w x 98.25" d the 10 x 8 is 228 lbs, the 10 x 12 comes in 2 boxes 1 192 lbs the other 87 lbs