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Are there color choices on these sheds?

What is the shipping cost within USA? Specifically to California.


$5 + tax

The color are as is, there are no other choices on these sheds

This shed isn’t already together is it? I don’t see where it lists what is and is not included. Thanks!

Nope, it does not come preassembled. Each set comes with everything you should need to build the shed, with the exception of the floor (unless it specifically says otherwise). I’ll see if I can find my post from the last time these were put up.

Here is a post I wrote from when I built the SYG89 Green. This exact model is not on sale this time around.
Here’s a picture of the completed product:

Overall, I’d say it turned out pretty decently. Be sure to THOROUGHLY read all the directions, and make sure you understand exactly what they mean on each page. Also, be very careful moving pieces around, as they are easily bent.

I tore down our old, smaller shed. I was able to reuse the 4x4 posts from that, so as pictured, we built a 2x6 frame which we lagged into the 4x4s, and then placed the front on concrete piers from Lowes. We then put on plywood and flashing.

Actual assembly took probably 8 hours between two days with 3-4 people. The first day we had three people assemble all four walls.
Note: you really need to do this on a flat surface, as snapping them together any other way would be extremely difficult.
A week later, we got back together, put the walls up, assembled the roof, etc. Make sure everything is square. The instructions do not state to anchor the structure until the very end, but we opted to anchor the walls into the deck as soon as they were up and square. I’m not sure how to do it otherwise, as it would just shift around.

All in all, it’s a decent little shed. We were short 8 or so nuts, had leftover bolts, and just the right number of screws. The door handle was missing, but it’s possible we misplaced it. There is no ramp, at least mine didn’t come with one, but I’m not sure I care, and if I do, I’ll just build on. The doors are slightly off and don’t close perfectly, but I wouldn’t be surprised if that’s just user error.

Pay very close attention to the numbering on each piece. Two may look exactly the same, but one might have a single additional screw hole that you’ll need.

Anyways, I’ll toss up a few more pictures tomorrow when it’s light out.

Just wish I had gotten the white one instead of the green one. Why, oh why couldn’t it have been offered a few weeks ago??

Also, I can’t say how easy it would be to assemble, but this shed from Home Depot is 10x8, giving you a slightly larger footprint, it comes with the foundation kit AND is only $318 (plus tax). Granted, there is considerably more screwing, based on the video, while the Sentry is all snapped together, but it is certainly a good price given the provided items. Again, these are not the same shed, but if you are looking for the cheapest thing to throw in your back yard…

And here are some more pictures of my finished shed with some pictures of the interior for an idea of how much you can put in an 8x9 shed.

Keep in mind that it is 9 deep and 8 wide.

Customer Service is available at 800-851-1085 opt 1. If you are missing any parts or you misplaced them, we will send them to you at no charge. All our sheds come in kit form.

Is there a floor frame included with the 10’x12’ model?

There is no frame kit included with this shed

I got one of these on woot over a year ago. It was a while before I assembled it. I have pretty good carpentry chops. It turned out well, but it is labor intensive.
There were a couple things other people, and the manufacturer, said that turned out spot on:
1)Budget a day to build the shed (not including the initial building of the foundation and floor). If you want to tackle both in a day, your planning better be on the money.
2)You want a second person to help with shed assembly, no matter how good a carpenter you think you are.
3) DO NOT attempt to build this on a windy day. Fortunately, I paid heed to this rule. Before being supported and screwed to the frame, the wall pieces are thin and damage easily. While under construction, they are extremely vulnerable to being yanked by the wind. Your day will become sad in a hurry.
Finally, the doors aren’t great, and can be a pain to install, but they work.
If you are ok with the above and building your own floor, these are very serviceable sheds.

I see there are metal and there are Steel sheds. What’s the difference? Steel better? Which is more durable?

All these sheds are Steel. If you look around the internet and see a metal shed advertised it is actually made from steel