Arrow Steel Shed Red Barn 10' x 14'

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Arrow Steel Shed Red Barn 10’ x 14’
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FYI…Unless your local jurisdiction has an ordinance/local-code exempting a shed this size (very uncommon), pretty much every place in the country will require a building permit to put this up on your property. The basic model building code used in all 50 states only exempt sheds up to 120 square feet (10x12).

Just thought the warning might be helpful in case you get busted or have a d*** neighbor who turns you in.

$499.00 at lowes

Model number is different, but it’s basically the same shed. Probably just the difference in color.

Can this be used as a house for my self?

Ordinances are for people who ask for permission.

The Red Barn is 8 to 9 inches taller than the one from Lowe’s (depending on where you are measuring). I special ordered the Red Barn from Home Depot about 15 years ago, so I wouldn’t have to duck as far to walk in and out of the shed (door opening height 68" vs 60"). It is still in good shape.

The pics show a metal floor. Is it included, as similar models on line do not include the metal floor?

If.u click on the pic with the stuff inside it says floor.kit not included

Woot should offer the flooring kit as a selectable item.



Anyone ever try insulating something like this? Not 100% sure you even could.

I’ve considered one as a home brewery but obviously it’d need to be not 27* in there in the winter (wouldn’t need to be 70* either). Prolly want a floor too…

Does the shed come with all the hardware needed, to erect it?

I probably wouldn’t erect it until next year, so I’d like to know the weight and dimensions of the box(s) for storage purposes. Also, how difficult is it to construct for a person not too handy (but willing to try)? Does it take more than one person? Finally, is it stable (wind and weather resistant)? TIA

Anyone know what kind of base this needs? Can I just put it up right on my lawn, or do I need to do any sort of grading/back-filling etc? Just bought a house with a tight garage and need to get a riding mower but wont be able to fit it and the cars in the existing garage, so this would be perfect.

This was designed to keep the elements out. That being said, you could probably glue some foam board insulation to the sides and roof. I’m not sure how well that will help maintain a temperature without a heating or cooling source, though. Good idea though!

I have a smaller non-barn-roof shed from Arrow. Nice enough. Floor kit essential. I just wish I had this one: I’m 5’9" and I scrape my bald head all the time inside it. Need to wear a hat. This one you’d have to stoop to get in/out, but then be fine.

Specs say door opening is 65" in height.

They come with hundreds of small 1/8" machine screws with nuts. Very challenging to erect solo as they require a floor and the entire structure is very unstable until all sides are joined.

They sometimes raise their ugly heads when you want to sell.

Non-permanent structures might be treated differently; this is often informed by the foundation.