Arrow Vinyl Coated Sheds with Floor Kit

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Arrow Vinyl Coated Sheds with Floor Kit
Price: $524.99 - 649.99
Shipping Options: $5 Standard
Shipping Estimates: Ships in 5-7 business days
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Time to check out the product page for the VS108 and the VS1014

Does this work well for overnight guests? Can you install A/c and a full sized bed?

Hmmm… would depend on how many guests and if big or small

I’m sure it could be done. With a few modifications I bet a window unit could easily be installed. For any living quarters, however, you’d want to insulate it.

Forget the AC. This comes with a bonus floor kit. Putting them under it solves the problem long term.

I put one one these together, They are nice but they come in a lot of small pieces and takes a good day to put together, maybe two.

It could be the perfect guest room! Because unless you were to insulate it{probably best option would be foam board} it would be pretty uncomfortable, as for a/c one of the free standing units that use a vent hose would do the trick!

Personally I think this shed would be perfect place for making your own WOOTSTERSHIRE sauce!

Anybody have any practical experience with this one? I’ve been in the market to replace my falling apart steel shed for a while. Do the doors suck as usual with this type of building? How does the metal hold up? Flimsy or sturdy?

What exactly constitutes the bonus floor kit? I assume the floor frame - can anyone confirm?

Horrid reviews for these sheds at Lowes (6 reviews, half with 1 star and half with 2 stars):

I was seriously considering one, but after reading those I’ve changed my mind. If you’re in a southern location with little/no snow, maybe they’d be okay for backyard storage. Here in Minnesota, it sounds like I’d be lucky to get a year’s use out of it.

I never had any experience with this shed but I’ve had the misfortune of owning 2 metal sheds in the past, and they were not too much different than these. (Actually, today’s sheds must be better and probably have a marginally longer life.)

Here’s the problem I’ve encountered with metal sheds. They rust!! The sheds I’ve owned were both galvanized and painted but they will still rust…sooner if you don’t take care of them. By this I mean taking leaves off the roof as soon as they accumulate. This is a never ending PITA job which MUST be done or your roof will rust through very quickly. I tried to keep up with the leaves but sometimes I would put it off. The leaves on your roof will hold moisture and quickly promote rust. In a few months it will be too late.

The doors on most of these sheds are flimsy, cheap and do not close well enough to keep out furry animals. Eventually, you will hit the door while taking out a mower or other tool and the door will bend out of shape, leaving a larger space for mice, squirrels and other furry animals to get in and take up housekeeping in your shed.

Finally, most home owners who buy these sheds do not spend the money or take the time to build a proper concrete floor for the shed. Burrowing animals, such as ground hogs and other such animals love to burrow under the shed and live there. Soon, you just do not want to use the shed anymore.

Both of the sheds which I purchased and erected, had a good service life of 6 to 8 years. After that the sheds would no longer offer adequate protection for your tools, so the tools came back into the garage. Eventually I would need to take down the shed…which was probably more difficult than putting it up, loading the parts into my truck and making a trip to the dump.

The answer for me was a wood shed. I designed and built one in 1990 and it still stands today looking as beautiful and as functional as the day I built it.

I have no experience with metal shead’s but I figured the price of today’s deal is worth the 6-8 year use I’d get out of it.

If 6 to 8 years of life is worth the price, I say go for it. Remember, you can increase that time span by really taking care that the shed does not rust. Being diligent about this attention to the shed, you could get more than 6 to 8 years out of the shed.

Yes. 2 actually.
First the one I door style I would never own. The one that opens like your front door of your house. Terrible sticks hard to close.
The doors on the one with sliding doors (deck door) are the only ones I would recommend. Do they get stuck? If something falls in the shed and pins itself in the way of the door then yes (but you have 2 doors so your never locked out). Is the sliding door perfectly smooth like on coasters, no. I added grease to mind and it works pretty good. How does the metal hold up. It is very thin. You can not lean on the shed, you can not throw a ball at the shed, but this is not what it is built for and it works good to hold stuff.
Lastly the instructions are evil.
I have built things before and this thing has by far the worst instructions I have ever built. Download and read the instructions before you put one together. (FYI the floor\floor kit goes in after the building is complete.
You only receive the metal ‘studs’ for the floor you still need to buy the wood.) (Also buy anchors to hold the shed down in high winds)
Advice the parts are stamped with water removable ink. Rain will remove the markings so do not leave the kit in the rain. In the instructions there will be small parts you can put together before you start (the instructions are clear where the ‘point of no return is’) Stop at this point get a good night sleep and hit it hard in the morning. (Better to finish early then leave it to a windy night)
I hate my roof. It is a triangle and it is too low to stand up straight (I am 6’1") and I would buy this type of roof for my next shed. Actually I would buy this one for my next shed.