Arrrrrr! Ahoy, me hearties!


Ahoy, me hearties!

This here is a reminder o’the upcoming holiday!
What are ye plannin’ for September 19th? arrrr

Signed in blood by,
The Cap’n’s saucy wench.


Ms. Librarian, I plan on entering the T-shirt derby to, uh, replace pirates with another archetype.


LoI!! You been into the rum again tonight there, have ya?
Nice to see you back here, what’s been going on?


Howdy, W’arian!! You have been conspicuously absent! Hope it’s just school and life and such.


Just school and life and work and such. That’s it. Also,I lost interest in trying to chop pics, and got confused with all the new wooting stuff - shirts, and mice and wine and speakers and all. Also (I hate to say it) b.r.o.k.e. ! If I spell it it isn’t real.

When I realized TLAP was next week, I knew I had to pass the word to the one group that might care (besides high school and junior high teachers) my fellow wooters!

First time looking at the derby in 5 weeks - did not know the contest was to replace pirates. Have to think about that one.


pssssssst. Librarians.


I hate to say it, but none of the entries really caught my eye. Go ahead - create some ninja librarian shirts. (Remember, somewhere in OZ there is a real WarriorLibrarian, so unless you want to mess with that person, I think a different phrase might be in order. I stole the name.)


Gasparilla isn’t until January.