ART CALL! Christmas stuffssss

We want to try some new things this year, and it’d be great if you could design into those new things! So I am sharing our holiday product templates through the below links so you guys can start working on designs!

We’d love to see new things, old things re-imagined or re-worked to fit on these different products. You can download all the templates below and start playing around. It’s quite a tight turnaround though, I need these back by 11/10. Sub your mock ups through the regular portal.

Tree Skirts
Christmas Stockings
Present Sack
Table Runner

Any questions?


What colors are these designs on? I’m specifically looking at aprons but I guess we need them all.


I think everything else is fully printed, but the aprons might be specific colors? …

Everything is fully printed, so you can make all over repeats, or placed artwork with a solid background color. Ideally we will get placed prints on colors from the tees so we can make corresponding tees, but we’ll consider other colors and layouts.


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