This week we’re on the hunt for RELATABLE LIFE TRUTHS. You know, all those LITTLE dumb things about life that feel almost universally recognized.

Some obvious ones to get your brains going: ‘mornings suck’ and ‘Mondays are the worst.’

But don’t stop there! We’re hoping you’ll find better, clever-er truths that make us say, “OMG that is so true and why hasn’t anyone made a shirt about that before?!”

Use #lifeishard in your submission title.

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People suck, Vampires make it classy.

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My toast always lands jelly side down

The wrench always lands in the exact geographic center under the car

If there’s one tree in the park, my kite will find it

Hitting the nail right on the thumb since 1974

You know you need a vacation when your life looks like the “before” people in any infomercial

I’ve rigged the smoke alarm in the kitchen to automatically call for pizza