Art Call: Summer Dining!


We are in the market for some food! Al fresco style! We want to see fun summer dining designs on napkins, place mats, table runners, tea towels and aprons! Think grilling, cooking, summer sweets and treats or simply decorating your table indoors & out! Templates for these products are below, please use a shirt color as your background and submit these as transparent png’s.

We’re also on the hunt for designs about the beautiful basics of life. You know, everyday stuff like coffee, chocolate, cleaning, laundry, chocolate, q-tips, chocolate… you get the picture. If they are relevant these designs can be submitted on any of the below templates, or on the regular shirt template to be used on shirts, posters or totes!

New Product templates:

Apron: PSD | Apron: PDF

Napkin: PSD | Napkin: PDF

Place Mat: PSD | Place Mat: PDF

Table Runner: PSD | Table Runner: PDF

Tea Towel: PSD | Tea Towel: PDF

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