Art For Your Cave

Speaking as someone that doesn’t own or intend to own a mancave, isn’t the “No Girls Allowed” poster kind of an odd message? It just seems like most men have an affinity for women, is all.


think of a man cave as a mens locker room minus the nudity…plus entertainment

I have no ‘mancave’.
Just a 2 story 24x36 workshop.

Men, women and our dogs are invited. No room on the walls for posters, there’s lumber racks, work benches, tool shelving, ladder racks, extension cord hooks, large chain hooks, etc… Even the back of my roll-around has conversion charts and mag tool holders…

Men need their time alone just as women do. Men need to be able to drink beer, smoke cigars, and make vulgar remarks.

I’d tell you what women need to be able to do; but I’ve never been invited to their bra-and-panty tickle-fight parties.


I really can’t stand the term “mancave.” It just sounds like it should be the name of a gay bar or a male stripper club or something…not a casual room in your home. although if women come screaming in my basement, while throwing money at me, I guess I shouldn’t complain…

The “It’s good to be King of My Man Cave” needs an addition to the speech bubble.

Artwork reads: “You may call me: Sire, Lord, Your Magesty, Most Excellent, Master, Your Highness, or Dad.”

Addition: “Just don’t call me smart enough to spell ‘majesty.’”

Exactly right. No use for a TV in my shop. Couldn’t hear it over the table saw, anyway.

No dogs in mine, though.