Art For Your Hideaway

Sasha - showing artsy nipple.

Although, I’m more curious about what’s pixelated at the center of the piece. Is the edge of her neck too sexy for my eyes?

I realize that art is totally subjective, but … wow, do these things suck.

Yeah… these are at best a replacement/upgrade from posters for a teenager’s room, or frat. Besides the Sasha one, of course.

The Star Wars ones are awesome, but I am out of art money!

What size is the Sasha one?

We have art in one undisclosed size at one disclosed price. It could be the size of a postage stamp. Or so large that your brother’s friend Cletus will have to drive his truck through your bedroom just to get it inside. Who knows?

It is listed under the quantity but not in the specs, 16 x 20.

Yes they do. This is pop-culture garbage, not art.