Art To Move You

The John Wooden quote is missing a few words. Not sure what happened.l, but it should read:

“Things work out best for those who make the best of the way things work out.”

This picture is lacking a very important “is”.

It just sounds like broken English. Too bad, it’s a pretty piece.

“The Kiss” is a widely-hated image by feminist groups and would likely spark a serious argument if it were offered by itself.

(The man in the picture didn’t know the woman, and the woman is pushing him away in many of the photos; it’s a photo of a sexual assault)

Not a great deal. Buy them directly from iCanvas right now with 45% off coupon (FEB45Z as advertised in the header on their website) and free shipping. That means for a 26x18 it would be $54.99 shipped. $10 cheaper than woot after shipping and more after tax.

I bought one of the Banksy prints for $49.99 shipped from an iCanvas Groupon the other day.

You can use MAR50Z that ends today(3/3) for 50% off. Which makes it about 15$ cheaper.