Art With An Asian Flair

It looks textured… Is it textured?

Hey there, acamarata12!

The canvas art pieces have the natural texture of the canvas itself, though no texture is added to the material.

Are the sizes listed per piece? AKA (3) pieces 36"x24" each? Or is that the size of all 3 combined?


needs to be answered

It’s all three panels combined.

Per-panel sizes for sets are as follows:

XL (36x54 total): 18 by 36 inches per panel

L (24x36 total): 12 by 24 inches per panel

Hope that helps!

I have a question about “Art Wall Katsushika Hokusai The Great Wave - ArtApeelz (2 sizes)”. Has anyone has seen this ArtApeelz? Does it stick well to the wall and can I really peal it off and stick it somewhere else without leaving anything on the wall??? If anyone knows that would be wonderful to hear about, because I am thinking about getting the 57X38 one.

Hi Taylor-

I am with the manufacturer, but I can assure you that “re-stickability” is the idea behind this product. We developed it after ordering another company’s wall decals and finding that once they’re on your wall, they’re not coming off in one piece. Thus, we came up with “ArtApeelz.” It’s brand new (this is the first time we’ve brought it to market), but I can attest that I’ve personally stuck, peeled, and restuck these bad boys.

I ordered the larger John Black Japanese Maple Tree 3-PC but what arrived was completely different. Opened a case with Woot support but haven’t heard anything. Really hoping I can still get the one I ordered instead of getting a refund. Anyone else get the wrong art?