Art With Masculine Flair

What is a “Pris”? As in “Grand Pris”? I’ve certainly heard of various racing series called Grand Prix, but not Woot’s description.

I feel I should complain about the nude art. If I buy pictures of nude people, I don’t expect them to be wearing underwear. Most disappointing.

This is one of the few times I’ve caught w00t in a typo.

This should be called “Art With Fratboy Flair” because there is very little that is masculine about any of this.

That’s what’s known in the biz as a boo-boo. That’s what the vendor stated on the purchase order and we duplicated the error. It’s been fixed now. I expect you to buy one, you know. :tongue:

But…not to be a buzzkill, but why does this have to be masculine? There are plenty of us out there that loooove semi-nude women and cars and identify as female…?

Agreed. Calling something “Masculine” like “classy” has a way of making it seem less so. Masculinity, like class, usually goes unannounced. Maybe “Boring Art For Classy Man Caves” would be better

Exactly! I am a woman (hear me roar), and I am right there with ya. :slight_smile:

Nude photos of lingerie-clad behinds?
Keep it classy, w00t. And by “classy” I mean the aforementioned “fratboy” level of class.
That’s not “masculine flair” that’s making yourselves look bad.

I would have serious concerns about anyone who prominently displayed many of these.

I think most examples of the so-called “art” here correctly should be called kitsch.


Quick, someone let this dude know about this sale before the “nudes” are gone!

Date Invites Woman Upstairs To Check Out Red Flags

We need a whole Gawker site dedicated to over-analyzing that headline.

This sale is sadly lacking “Masculine Flair”.

For those who need to know:

Mona Lisa in gallery: art

Mona Lisa printed on the lid of a jewelry box or bedspread: kitsch.

For those that are complaining about being classy, you are aware you are shopping on a website that sells “bags of crap”, right?

Very good point!

In the Box:
•(1) Preston American Airliner 18X24

I’d like an airliner, please. How many people does it seat? Do I need avgas or a sturdy rubber band? Does a crew come with it?

Do I have to pay royalties to AA?