Art Works


check out some of my art work!! and if you are in the Seattle/Everett area check out built corp gallery (behind the new train station on Hill Avenue in Everett) this friday between 6-9pm!!


Clickthe thumbnails for larger images! Thanks to imageshack for hosting!


I think I’m in love!
Seriously, cerealkiller, thanks for sharing this part of yourself!
You have real talent!


Love the grapes. Great work.


thanks, and no that is NOT a self-portrait… I did a series of three of these, they’re fairly large. 19"x30" two of them hang over my fireplace, and the other isn’t framed yet (damn expensive frames…) I am available to do commision work too, although I know I’m not supposed to sell things or myself here I thought I would mention that.


thanks to you too! I’m fairly attatched to this piece myself. I won’t sellit for any amount. This piece is in my show opening this weekend, and I wouldn’t let the gallery owner put a sale price on it. I did this piece almost 3 years ago now, it was the piece I was working on when I met my boyfriend and he came to my school studio space I was working in to visit and that is what I was working on, so it has a special meaning to me.


Sooo… what yer sayin’ here is if I saw ya in 3-D, I wouldn’t exclaim, “Ooo, something shiny!”


Well… I’m not shiny, but I’m not dull either… I’ll just leave that open to interpretation


You’re juuuuust right in any kind of light!


Nice work, ck.


Hey so my show opened tonight!! I sold one piece and it seemed like everyone wanted to buy one of the two pieces that weren’t up for sale! I did make some good contacts and worked some deals to make prints of the one piece so they can own a copy of it, so all in all a very good night!! Thanks for all the positive comments about my stuff!


Congratulations, CK. Was the grapes the one you worked the deal for copies of?


how’d you know??? It seems like everybody wants a piece of that one. Not everything I put up here was at my show, but everyone really likes that piece. So are you interested in it too? Also it seems like the pictures aren’t showing up anymore, I tried 2 different browsers and no luck. can you still see them?


Congratulations, C-K!
I can still see 'em.


CK - very nice! Congrats on your show!

I love the grapes too!