Art You Love

I’d get the city map and maybe the starry night.

The US map with city names is cool and I would buy… except the artist apparently thinks my home town of St. Louis is not worth putting on here. Pass.

make sure you double check woot’s math on these. unfortunately i didnt realize until after i made the purchase last tiem that the individual piece dimensions did not add up to the overall stated size. they wouldnt cancel my order and now i have to deal with returning the product that was described inaccurately.

I like the earth layers but the measurements seem off to me:
24" W x 32" H (not including spaces between panels)

If that is 24" total for width, that would make each panel 8" wide. Surely that is wrong.

I was looking at the 24’ x 24" Trademark Sainte-Laudy Autumn Red. I did a google search of this because sometimes a site will show the wrong hue/tint, which could be a problem if you are trying to coordinate with something. Anyway, same price at Amazon but they have free shipping.

That’s a surprising omission. My hometown is in the region, much smaller than St Louis, and it was included. Of course, it’s written a solid state away from its actual location, but tough to work them all in.

The Laudy ones are just beautiful once up in my great room. However, if they were numbered I could not find them and one was mounted upside down. It was a end piece. Took us ages to figure out why it did not look right.