Artec Mini USB Portable Digital TV Tuner

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Artec Mini USB Portable Digital TV Tuner
$14.99 + $5 Shipping
Condition: New

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Would be cool to watch network tv on my laptop…

$29.99 on Amazon

3 Star Reviews

Problems from reviews:

  • Weak Antenna
  • gets very hot after several hours
  • need at least 1gb free ram to run smooth

Does it work with… It will be sold out before I find out.

would this work w/ windows 7?

Worth a try at this price ($35 at BB, $50 at WM) - in for two.

It comes with a Terrestrial TV Antenna! Sweet!

seriously, does anything work on windows that doesn’t require animal sacrifice?

$49.98 at

so…it doesn’t work on a mac?

In for two, one for the desktop and one for the laptop. Finally be able to take advantage of the DVR capability of my media centers!

Okay, so let’s say my cable tv goes out and I don’t have an hd antenna. could I plug this into the usb port of my flat screen to get local broadcasting, or does this require a process (CPU).

I want something that will let me indulge my paranoia and watch the output of my security cameras on my TV! So, either get something that does that on here, or get a network broadcast to set up cameras around my yard. Y’know, so I can be prepared for when the zombies attack.

Wonderful write up woot. Of curse it has made me notbuy it also…but still classic.

Put up a digital TV antenna for my old crts(PC or TV) at this price and I’ll buy 3.

I was ready to jump on this but saw all the additional stuff in the package photo. I hoped it was just the USB adapter and remote. that would have been cool.

No, but you could plug the antenna into the antenna port on your flatscreen and get local channels.


…you could just hook up the included antenna to your TV and throw out the usb stick.(assuming your tv has a tuner, which if it was made in the last 5 years it better)

Looks like a good candidate for a PVR. Hmmm, will it run in Linux? I have an XBMC box coming together. I also wonder how it will run in an Atom 330. 1.6 GHz, dual core with hyperthreading… will it take advantage of multiple cores, or does it need a single, muscular processor?