Let’s call Spinach and go for a Dip!

I was kind of hoping to see some Nevermore Swag today… Happy 4 years Nevermore!

This one will last a week. I always try to evaluate these without reading because this is how 97% of people will see this shirt.

I’m glad I’m not the only one for whom apelad calls to mind The Kinks.

Call me barbaric, but I prefer to eat their hearts.

Yeah, unfortunately, you’re probably right, auctionsaver. I love it though…

My money’s on this one getting “most kid-friendly” for this week, and also a bunch of them ending up in the Random Kids’ Shirt bundles.

Kudos to the artist for making me smile :slight_smile:

Is there a joke here? If there is… I don’t get it.

Hey, a yellow shirt! Now to see if my theory works out.

Probably not since it’s yellow. Then again it is all AA so the negative and positive should balance out.

Also, nice design!

There isn’t some hidden, trashy meaning here is there? I wouldn’t want to get accused of wearing something raunchy.

Or am I going too deep for a shirt with a veggie on it?

I think I bought the shirt purely for the color. Hmmmm. Can woot please do another blank t-shirt sale?

Cute shirt, but the write-up reminds me why I don’t like to stay up and check the new shirt at midnight. Now I will dream about being strangled. Thank you, shirt.woot! peeps. Thank you.

“Okey-dokey Artichokey.”

“Okey dokey artichokey”…nothing deep or hidden, just a cute graphical play on a saying.

Sort of off topic but I think everyone should know the love I have for Spinach and Artichoke Hummus!

I believe it was Stymie who once said “You mighta choked Artie but you ain’t gonna choke me!”.

LOVE artichokes
LOVE saying “okeydokey”
LOVE this shirt! :smiley:

As the resident Alton Brown fan, I feel inclined to clue people in to a Good Eats episode devoted to artichokes

I think I’ll buy this shirt. Is that okay? Okey dokey, artichokey!

This shirt captures my favorite kinds of woots: those that make me smile each time that I see them. And if a shirt makes me smile every time that I catch sight of myself in a mirror - well, that’s an accomplishment. Ape Lad, thanks for bringing a little bit of sunshine (and my first yellow shirt!) into my life.

Thanks for the answers and the urban dictionary link. Maybe I have heard that before… once… a long time ago… maybe… lol!