LOVE LOVE LOVE Alton Brown. And this episode. Thank you for letting me relive it.

Omg! I love, I mean L.O.V.E. artichokes, and I would so be all over this one… except I hate yellow. I mean, I-look-sick-like-I’m-going-to-barf-when-I-wear-yellow, hate yellow. Sad face. :frowning:

Thanks for the kind words!
I’ve never been able to actually eat an artichoke because they’re so blasted adorable!

(And thanks for getting the Kinks in my head, which usually happens once or twice a week anyway.)

Wait so according to the sizing it looks like these are on AA blanks? Not Anvil? …I hope?

Greatgooglymoogly! Another design that makes me giggle printed on an AA blank? Okey Dokey, I’m in for one!

It looks like it - all sizes!

I am a redhead, mighty pixie, and look paler than a ghost in yellow. BUT, if it got a smile outta me as fast as it did, I’m going to live with my Casper self and grin while I wear it.

I am in for two. Thanks Apelad!

Ah, Frank Zappa reference, very good!

This shirt makes me pine for my lost “Yay! Broccoli” shirt.woot. sniff Perhaps someday a miracle reprint will appear.

In for one.

My college’s mascot is an artichoke.

No joke.

So does this mean I’m doomed to buy this shirt?

Wow, that was terrifying. I can’t buy that shirt now since all I see is the Artichoker. This is the first write up that made me doubt a woot writers sanity…though it probably shouldn’t be.

I like the yellow shirt, but this design is a little lame. Maybe my daughter will want one.

Oh I like this game:

Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy

Cute! And nice to see a lemon print:)

Oh wow, this reminds me of my High School art teacher. She said it non-stop so she made a point of trying NOT to say it as much.

Definitely a cute shirt! :smiley:

I love their hearts as well. Mmmm. Make another shirt with a spoon and the heart haha. Such a cute shirt hehe.

Now that I have seen a cute artichoke, I will never be able to eat artichoke hearts again.

One classy good-humored shirt!

Excited for the lemon color since I don’t see many.

I’m going to brave this shirt with my red hair and hope I don’t look too sickly.

Agreed. This is not my favorite color but I would be all over it if it was different.