Okey dokey artichokey

gasp! I’ve never clicked the “I want one!” button so fast for a woot shirt!

“Même un artichaut a du coeur!”

Ace illustration!

I didn’t used to be too sure about yellow shirts but my gf wears Robbie Lee’s “Youbetchucan” and Boots & Edgar’s “Crooked Couch” all the time and they’ve really grown on me.

Love this! I’m a bit awkward and tend to say this phrase more often than any one person should lol. This will be my first shirt.woot. So excited! ;D

Sizing Question - is the XL women’s tee really only slightly larger than the small men’s tee? That seems quite little …

I wish yesterdays shirt would have been printed on this ugly yellow. Best design ever on ill fitting Honduras shirts

“It mighta choked Artie, but it ain’t gonna choke Stymie!”

It’s easy! Just eat their preserved hearts!

Also, very cute shirt. Makes me wish I had a daughter.

Am I the only one who immediately thought of Tad from the Leap Frog Letter Factory? Probably.

I prefer Okey Dokey Smoky, but this is healthier :slight_smile:

Yes. That was the problem with the AA blanks. I can wear either the women’s XL or the men’s small.

I didn’t think I would say this, but I’m now much more inclined to buy a shirt if it’s printed on the Anvil blanks.

LOL. I have a 3yr old daughter and immediately thought the same thing! We’ve seen a lot of leap frog.

Oh god, so corny!

In for 1!

Ha - ha! Good one!

My question is do I wear this or my “Eat More Kale” shirt? Hmmmm…

I did have artichoke for breakfast this morning… but I’m just not feeling it.

The fact that it’s on a base that isn’t gray/black makes it an automatic winner in my book.

Never mind my soft spot for anthropomorphic vegetables.

“Okey dokey artichokey”

I’ve never heard anyone say that in my life… seriously, who says that?? Is this a teen thing? Maybe primarily a British-ism like “easy peasy lemon squeezy?” So baffled… (or old? ;))

Oooh. So tempting. It’s adorable and on AA, but I look awful in yellow. Decisions, decisions.

Ugh…straight to the Danger Zone

You just gave another idea to shirt.woot designer. Expect lemon juice on a lemon blank soon.

It looks sort of hoppy, like a cascade hop that would go into a good India Pale Ale.

Don’t mind me, I like my beer!