Artisanal Sausages and Pancetta (5)

Artisanal Sausages and Pancetta 5-Pack
$32.99 $̶4̶8̶.̶0̶0̶ 31% off List Price
Fennel Salami approx. 6 oz.
Sopressata approx. 6 oz.
Hot Sopressata approx. 6 oz.
Chorizo approx. 6 oz.
Herbs Pancetta approx. 6 oz.

Remember, that’s “Pancetta” and not “Placenta” … and they got my hopes up all for nothing! =(

Do these really not have Sodium Nitrate as an ingredient?

16 dollars a pound. Rip off.

Too bad the meat is uncured. I refuse to buy into the myth that it is better for you. It can actually be much worse. The “celery extract” can add more nitrates than sodium nitrite. I’ll stick to the cured stiff where nitrate levels can be controlled and botulism can be prevented.

Correct. Read more about the hoax here:

Why use Celery Extract and not the real thing in the Sopressata Sausage?
You could grind the Celery then add it to the mix but Extract what a BIG turn off! I’m passing on this sausage. Go NATURAL! LESS PROCESSING in the FOODS!

I want my food processed and my meats cured! Im an american G#d D##mit!

I actually bought this before, and uncured meat just wasn’t my thing; neither for the taste nor for the health.

On the other hand, the Pancetta was very good.

I might buy this if it was Prosciutto instead of Pancetta.

And even then, I only purchase imported from Italy.

If you eat celery or spinach you eat natural nitrates. Now I have been told by friends that they have reactions to nitrates/nitrites in wines. If you put the proper levels in, you should not have problems. My research on the FDA website years ago, they stated there was no medically documented reactions to sulfites ( not sure if sulfates were included in this statement ). Now don’t beat me, this is what I found when I was making wine. I have also discovered that with my wines hitting 9+ years of age, that the recommended levels of metabisulphites are sufficient, and no extras are needed for extended aging like I was taught back then. Besides, they make things taste like sh*t. Just a few comments. I wouldn’t pay this price for someone who cant show through lab controls that there is enough stability in a product using organic means, but Woot is selling it, and should prove it is safe to us. Right?

<<<<<Wonders what workers @ a sausage factory do when they are having a bad day? (~)

they better be doing their goddamn job or they’ll get canned!

said the guy at work

nohomo, but I first read this as “Arti’s anal sausages”…

You’re going to give me a moderation headache today, aren’t ya?

If you guys read the comments at the bottom of that Ruhlman article, you’d see that not all nitrates/nitrites are created equal. The celery salt doesn’t trigger bad reactions or inflammation in people susceptible to that, nearly as much.

I’ll wait for the next time I see Volpe’s… and buy twice as much then.

Some years ago, I met a writer who forcefully said that if she was going to eat chocolate, she was going to eat imported chocolate, dammit! She loved her Lindt.

It turned out she lived in San Francisco, home of Scharffen Berger. At that point I wandered off.

So anyway, there are some pretty fine domestic prosciuttos being produced. And some of them might even be more expensive than the imported stuff, if that bragging right is that important to you…

Cured tubular meats!

That’s the only way to go!

Add good microbrew as needed.