Artisanal Sausages and Pancetta (5)

Are these as good as Creminelli?

I got this full set of five one of the last times it was offered. I think it’s been a year or so. Used the Pancetta in some breakfasty cooking and the Sopressata & Chorizo were awesome diced up into chili. I think the uncured salami was the only one I didn’t care for. I don’t like the price either, but I’m tempted to buy again just because of how good the other three tasted.

I wonder how many “Artisans” are actually employed at the meat packing facility?

I love Creminelli. I almost bought the max because I thought that’s what this was.

Like - natural H2O vs artificial H2O?
Well, your choice of course… you are free to believe that likely higher levels of a chemical coming from a plant source are better than possibly lower levels being added in a purified form.

I was all set to pull the trigger on this until I read the description of the Pancetta (spunky flavors). My wife doesn’t seem to enjoy that particular flavor, and I generally trust her judgement, so I’ll pass.

Really! There is nothing artificial about celery, which is a natural nitrate.

Shoot some hoops, for one. But rarely does anyone have a bad day; they get to choose the background music.

Fewer than you think. And why call it artisanal? We’ve been using that term because it’s the French way of describing a hand-crafted product. But we welcome suggestions for an updated term.

Hey Woot!, when are you guys going to run this again? This stuff was great! I had the pancetta in my fridge for a few months, finally thought to cut it into small pieces and mix it into hamburgers…DELICIOUS! And the rest of the sausages were good, too.