Artist contact?

Is it allowed for customers to contact artists directly about getting their designs on something other than a shirt? something that is not offered by woot?

I’ve posted on the discussion page of a shirt I loved to see if they artist was cool with me using it for a tattoo. TT or Customer Service reached out and got the okay for me. Now to save up the money for an epic tattoo.

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It depends on the contract we have for the design. If it’s an exclusive contract, it wouldn’t be approved.

I just want postcards with a specific artist’s work and am not sure how to go about finding out if it is possible.

Are you planning on selling those postcards or just using for personal use? Do you have a printer at home?

Try emailing Give as much information as possible - the design, your plan for the art, etc.

For personal use - I just love the cards, would love to put a couple in my office but more would love to send them to friends as pick-me up cards :slight_smile: I do have a printer at home, but thought it would not be quite kosher to make my own cards using someone else’s art work without explicit permission.

awesome, thank you. though there are admittedly a number of designs I’d love to send as post cards. The woot-t-shirt artists are so talented!!