Artist discount coupon needs to be changed

Previously artist discount coupon ($20 discount) gave artist possibility to take one premium and one non-premium t-shirt for one discount coupon ($8 + $11) or two premium t-shirts just spending $2 (I am talking about prices for daily t-shirts or t-shirts on sale). Artist discount also gave us free shipping.
But with change of prices artist discount only covers 2/3 of a purchase of two t-shirts, which let’s say is not a super cool deal.

So is Woot going to change the amount of Artist Discount?

I mean previously discount covered t-shirt and shipping, but now shipping is included in the price, so the discount (maybe) should be increased to cover it. Isn’t it logical?

With international shipping I’ve reduced my order to 1 shirt (totaling $25). Which is fair (it is a free shirt after all), but I’ll really miss ordering 2 to have matching tees with my daughters. They really get a kick out of wearing the same cat shirt.

Honestly I thought that the code was really meant to get one shirt. I know it gives an amount of $20 off but I usually just got one premium shirt and didn’t worry about the difference. I don’t know if woot would change the codes or just have you only order one.

The code no longer covers crewnecks and hoodies. Can it be increased a bit so artists can get an item that costs more than a t-shirt? I have three in the crewneck sale right now I’d love to order.

I always got two (I think it netted out to $2) because I like one to wear and one to put away for posterity. I’d agree that it should be enough to cover the same value, given that the pricing has changed.

There’s definitely something to the other non-shirt formats, but I wouldn’t know, never having printed on anything else. :frowning: (waiting to unlock that particular achievement).

I liked the 2 shirt deal. Or I would get one more premium thing like a hoodie. Options…

  1. Increase to $30 to cover two tees.
  2. Change to Free Item coupon (excluding prints)
  3. Get that dashboard going and let the artist have an ongoing credit. Either keep the $20 shirt credits in a COMP CREDIT slot, or just throw the $20 into the artist commission pot. Bankrolling the shirt credit would be nice so that we can keep the extra for future purchases instead of losing a few free bucks.

Howdy, folks! Thanks for bringing this up.

We’re aware that there are multiple ripple effects (like the coupon) associated with this price change that all need to be sorted out, and we’re slowly but surely working through them all.

But as fair warning, they may be slower in coming than any of us would prefer. Many of the issues will require a significant amount of back-end development changes, and those are simply going to take time. But in the meantime, thank you for the feedback and thank you for your patience! :slight_smile:


Ben: Can we change the 20 to a 30?
Devs: Sure!
Ben: How long?
Devs: 18 sprints.

You’ve been eavesdropping again.