Artist Invoices?

So I’m finally on the board as a printed artist. YAY! I’ve even been paid a couple of times. DOUBLE YAY! But I was wondering, does woot do any kind of invoicing system? Like, sure I got a couple of direct deposits, but they don’t specify what they’re for… How do artists keep track of their payments and know they’re actually getting what they’re supposed to?

Thats a great question. I should be receiving payout on my one design soon. I would also like to know if we have any way of knowing the actual amount of shirts that sell… so many questions :stuck_out_tongue:

The only answer I’ve ever gotten was to email and ask.

There have been lots of requests for an “artist’s dashboard” of some sort, but no one has taken it very seriously. I guess there’s a lot of back-end labor involved in coding something like that and it doesn’t appear to be a priority.

I’ve been hoping for an artist dashboard, myself. That would be an amazing addition.

That would be pretty nice.

Dear Woot Staff!

Can you, please, tell us what is the reason of artist dashboard absence?
Is it really so difficult to implement it?

At least designers can have total amounts in Woot Sold for all of their designs.
Why Woot of the Day designs have this information and others - don’t?

As someone with a very short attention span, I heartily agree with the suggestion to add one… Oh look, a bird!

If only I wanted to live in Seattle… I’d apply to the software developer positions. Then all you artists would have your very own dashboard. Well, not one each personally… You’d share the application… You’d each have an account… Shut up, this software stuff is complicated, you wouldn’t understand, possibly.

as much as I know this is never gonna happen, please make this happen.

This needs to happen!

It shouldn’t be that difficult… other shirt sites don’t seem to have any problem doing it. I’d think a company as established as woot would have addressed this by now. I’ve literally been checking the sales stats on every design in my catalog everyday since the beginning of the year and documenting who was the “last wooter to woot” so I can get an idea of how many shirts I’m selling. Also does anyone know what duration of time constitutes a pay period? I know we’re supposed to get paid the 15th of every month, but does that include all sales from the 15th of last month to the 14th of this month?

As explained to me by accounting one time, artists get paid for all shirts that SHIPPED in the previous month. So if you have a design in a side sale last month which doesn’t ship until this month, you won’t get paid for those sales until next month.

Ah, that explains it. Thanks.

I’ll throw another plea into the mix for an artist dashboard. In lieu of that, is there any kind of API that would allow us to glean any kind of shirt sales information out of Woot? By day I’m a web developer and if there’s any kind of documentation or other resources that would allow me to build something on my own I would love to do so. It looks like there’s a site called woot stalker that is already doing some data pulling somehow, but when I look myself up on their site there doesn’t seem to be any data on any of my shirts. Thanks!

We are working on getting a better artist invoice system set-up. It’s probably not that difficult IN THEORY, but we don’t have a dedicated programming team so it is just that difficult for us. :stuck_out_tongue:

I did get an invoice for last month though, which was unusual. It wasn’t itemized but it was a start. Did anyone else get one emailed to them?

I can see why that’d be tough without a dedicated resource. It’s tough to get things done at my work with dedicated developers, haha.

Thanks for the info, ocho. Even if it’s a ways off still, it’s at least nice to hear that at least something is in the works. I did not see any invoice last month, but I’m also not sure if I should have. I got my first of four shirts printed in late August, and while I’m pretty sure some shipped before the 15th of September, I don’t think I got any payment transferred into my account. I’ll keep my eye out around the 15th of October to see if any invoices come my way, as I’m definitely expecting some payment then.

I received an invoice last month, was quite surprised. Must be a pain in the butt having to email those out to EVERY artist with sales (as I’m guessing it’s probably not an automated process). If your shirts printed in late august you most likely won’t see a payment until October, as they count shirts that were shipped for the whole month prior, not the period between payments…In other words everything shipped in September will be included in October’s payment.

I also got an invoice, but in my opinion it was a waste of that poor person’s time. It just gave me a total; The same total that was direct deposited. That’s the info my bank already gives me.

My initial post was more about what you said: itemizing.

12 dogeball: $24
5 o’lucky beer: $10
Total: $34

It’s nice to see the sales numbers. If artists can see which shirts are doing well-ish on an ongoing basis, we might be more inclined to pimp them out for you. We’d be more inclined to make similarly themed or designed shirts…then we’d get more sales, you’d get more sales. Win/win! :slight_smile:

Still keeping my virtual fingers crossed.

Joel actually talked a lot about that in our last dumb podcast. We don’t really want to do shirt numbers until we get a better system down since there may be irregularities due to cancelled orders/returns/etc. and it would just lead to more questions. What we have in place now is probably automatic rather than anything someone’s slaving over, so worry not for any time wasting.

If someone could traaaannnnnscccriiibeee those things, I’d be way more informed. It’s an hour long and I’m at work - I mostly don’t do video or audio; reading (or skimming) is much easier.