Artist needed for club shirt design

Leeching off Woot, I know, but we are a little sailing club needing a shirt for fundraising and not looking at stealing Shirt.Woot’s business by far (still, if this is inappropriate, let me know and I’ll remove this).

NEEDED - artist with experience in t-shirt design to help with sailing regatta shirt. Art fee will be nominal and no commision per shirt or anything (we are too poor), but it’s a good chance to add to your portfolio and/or make a few bucks (name credit and a point-back to your website etc can be arranged).

Please contact with an introduction and a few examples (preferrably showing your expertise in clear, exciting single- and low-color design, speed, sails, etc). Thanks for any interest!

Oh geez…

I do a lot of pro-bono work, but as a designer, I would not take on this project. Sounds too suspect.

SamuelLBronkowitz should only be requesting low-res samples of artists’ designs/illustrations to get the gist of their styles. He should not be asking for clear/high-res versions of their designs using elements that he requires for his t-shirt design.

There is no safety buffer that the design/designs assuring that they won’t be stolen without compensation…

I vote for post removal…protect your artists!

Ms. Time,

Or he could just modify his request to your specification.

Ms. Time,

I always wear prophylactics when arting.

Nah…eradicate him!

And the fund raising event was not adequately explained…a sailing regatta shirt to benefit what cause? Himself?

Ms. Time,

Do you always eradicate your clients if you have questions for them?

I’ll totally design you a shirt. And I’ll pay you to do it. Just provide your bank account information so I know where to deposit the money. lulz.

I barely have the time to design for the chance at money, so sure why not do it for nothing.

Hence the screen name…“killingtime: in cold blood.”

Funny, I put the same add up on craigslist and have gotten a far more positive response.

I put it up here because a lot of shirt.woot participants are amatuers, students, or those part-timing it - perhaps not those whos designs win contests, but talented artists nonetheless that enjoy what they do.

If you are too busy, too costly, hate designing, offended, or too paranoid, please ignore this request as it is not for you.

Regarding the request for samples, this is a simple request for low-res, existing stuff - a portfolio like anyone keeps to show their style, ability, etc. If you HAPPEN TO HAVE something that is like what I asked for, it would best show off what you can do. Believe me, we have a very specific design and the likelyhood of you sending in exactly what we need is 0.

We have several award-winning photographers in our fleet and we are constantly fighting for proper recognition and credit given for their work - please don’t assume that I am after free work and credit. The shirts would be sold at the sailing regatta - we hope to raise enough money each year to be able to hold it again the next year. Will I personally benefit from this? Of course! I’ll get to buy a cool shirt, and we might sell enough to get to sail it again next year. - this is us. We are legit and also nice people. We are not a non-profit or an anything, just a group who get together to do what we love (any money and common belongings is actually held by the secretary/treasurer as the fleet is not an entity).

If you have any more questions, please don’t assume the worst and call for removal. Try asking!

I see no crime in asking Samuel. I 'm sure you will find someone if you are posting in multiple sites. Some people can never get enough of designing be it for free or for profit.
Good luck.

Since you have some award-winning photographers on your fleet, why not put them to good use?

Using their photographs would make the fundraising more personal & you’d get more satisfaction that you earned the money from work that your team did versus the money collected from the art some artist who has no affiliation with the event did for you.

You could probably find 12 fairly good-looking individuals who are participating in the regatta and your award-winning photographers can shoot them with their vessel to make a 2009 calendar.

Good luck in your endeavor…I am sure you will find what you need via craigslist.

Ms. Time,

I dunno, I hear it’s harder to make a calendar by committee than you’d think.

Indeed it can be if those on the committee are not interested in the cause…

Here’s a place to start…

Ms. Time,
Towards the end of the year I get magnet calendars left on my doorstep by local real estate agents. Is this standard practice to drum up business? I just wonder how effective it is; since I’m not in the market, I usually just tear off the business card or whatever before sticking it on the fridge.