Artist Payment for April 2016?

I (and a coworker) have not received our woot payment for April…
Is anyone else having the same issue?
I reached out to the artists payment at woot, and have not received a response yet…

For April? We’re still in April.

Um, April payout, March earnings…
They got it figured out. We just got a bit worried. We had a very small payout on the 13th, but we’re expecting ALOT more. Kinda freaked us out a bit, our spouses moreso! HA

So we’re all good now?


We are good, providing my money gets posted. My last email from woot said they would get me the money on Monday. Just checked my account, still no moneys. BOO

Sunday, may 1st, still no money. Is there anyone I need to call on my end?
The odd thing is that I got a very small deposit on the 13th, so I have a hard time believing that my bank is stopping anything…
Still kinda frustrated.

I also don’t think I have been paid for this shirt. I have had no payment come through in April for these sales that came through in March.

There was a mix up with one of Walmazan’s shirts as can be seen in that link. I wonder if he has been paid for my sales, or if woot is just extra late with payments this month? Who is the right person to contact about it ?
That is where I would start.

For a follow-up.
My payment was posted to my account this morning…

Good to hear; so sorry for the issues.

Good to hear. I have emailed that amazon address as you posted above to see if they can work out my issue.

Has anyone received their May payment yet? Just curious since this is the first time I didn’t get a direct deposit by the 15th.

I am still missing my April payment and haven’t gotten my May one yet either. :frowning: I think someone in Woot land is still trying to track down my April one though.

Just arrived. Yay!

I can never figure out how to see my sales or how to change the bank account?

Is there a way to view your sales in your profile?

Update from me. Still no payment for a shirt that printed in March :(. I have emailed Shirt.Woot crew and had one return email saying they were looking into it and sent a follow up email asking where things were up to. That was a the beginning of this month. It seems that I have missed another mid month payment cycle with it as well with no payment still coming through and it being near the end of the month already.

I long for an artist dashboard also where we could keep track of this sort of stuff.

My concern is that I wont know if the payment has come through (for that March shirt) because I have had a month with 9 other shirts being printed so even if it does go through, there is no way for me to tell which shirt sales I have been paid for and which I haven’t and to work out what is for what :frowning:


  1. Still no payment for April shirt
  2. +1 for dashboard.

For the love. I’m sorry. I’m passing along again. If I don’t hear anything back tonight, I’ll talk to them tomorrow in the office.