Artist Spotlight: DoOomcat

Voldy’s eating Rarity! That’s hilarious.

all hail DoOomcat!
She’s awesome!
Also a chance for me to finally get the potter/mlp pony.
hope everybody goes EWWW at the sight of it :smiley:

Dooomcat’s been a favorite of mine since the first Unstealthiest Ninja came out. Where is the Christmas Unstealthiest Ninja??? Santa fighting ninjas on his sleigh…Sure fire buy from me!


(I need to update my DoOomcat stack pic. There are more UnNinjas now. :))

Omg the Browncoat crest as a jacket would be the best thing ever!!!

If you like DoOomcat’s shirts, you will probably love her comic,, where all that’s cute isn’t necessarily sweet!

If the Woot Gods are listening, I would totally pay the Iron Price for a remix of You Weren’t Invited… Love the design but I look terrible in that light gray.

Unstealthiest Ninjas Rule! We have them all in several sizes because my son loves them and keeps outgrowing them.

Thanks Woot! I guess I should get started on a new Unstealthiest Ninja…

The BLT shirt is awesome, people love it every time I wear it.

Uh oh, there goes ALL my money.

But not so sure fire that you skipped it the first time around?

I’m sorry… was that rubbing salt?

Me Too!!

The only time the Christmas Ninja came out was on a Woot-off! FFS that’s extremely hard especially during Christmas time :frowning:

I’m wearing When Animals Attack right now! I have all the unstealthy ninja shirts except the flight school one, but I don’t want that one as a tank. Oh well, eventually I’ll get around to buying it from the all designs section. :slight_smile: Anyway, there’s no point to this other than I wanted to chime in with my love of DoOomcat’s designs.

I’ve got all the Ninja’s including the Santa one. Love, love DoOomcat

Luckily enough that one is available on a tee right now in the dragons side sale :slight_smile:

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Missed it too…started this year’s Christmas list early as a result ; )

new t-shirt wooter here. Bear with me…
My tweener would love this shirt. But he’s picky about quality (i.e.: softness) of his t-shirts. He won’t wear standard stiff “Fruit of the Loom”-type shirts. Anyone have an opinion about woot’s kids t-shirts?

That apron is no joke