Artist Spotlight: fishbiscuit5

Hot damn! that Han Quixote shirt is slick. Brilliant idea Fishy- hadn’t seen that one before.

Congrats on the feature! :smiley:

Congrats on the Feature! Well deserved!!!

Only one catshirt out of 19? There better be another @fishbiscuit side sale next week!! With moar cats!! =^.^= :slight_smile:

Silly comment aside, congrats to the spotlight and even more so, what’s been achieved in the past 5 years. Fishie entered the crazy world of shirt designing right here at shirt.woot with the derbies, and though it was rough in the beginning, she didn’t let the rejections sway her and kept at it. Her first print came 9 months later with Coffee Stain Cats.

All the cats, Narfcake!!! :slight_smile: Thanks for the kind words, guys. Five years of amazing friendship and support! I’m so grateful to woot for this generous feature. It’s pretty darn cool seeing these designs for sale here! :slight_smile:

Congrats FishBiscuit! Cool selection!

Darn. I’ve been waiting for Internet Defined to come back. :frowning:

Simple but effective artwork! Love FishBiscuit!! Congrats for the spotlight!

These are great, congrats fishbiscuit! Though I wish Better Than The Movie was available on a book bag. :slight_smile:

Congrtulations, fishbiscuit! Great designs)

nice collection–congrats fishbiscuit!