Artist Spotlight: Geekfactor12

Debating if I want the Dinosaurs Who Are Communist tank. It would go nicely with my communist theme. I also have the Blocks Build You t-shirt.

Again, HOORAY for tanks!

Thanks Woot! This is awesome :smiley:

I have the Blocks Build You tee and the Sputnik tank. Now I want these Communist Dinosaurs. They’re going to start a file on us in Washington.

For the American Apparel enthusiasts among us, I can’t help noticing that the red “The cake is a liar” t-shirt is manufactured in the USA and printed in the USA…

Can Woot! confirm that some of these shirts are on AA blanks?

If it says USA, it’s on AA.

You mean the orange, not red. I’m not Woot staff, but yes, it’s on AA.

What is the meaning of the Communist Dinosaurs design??

'Bout time! Some of the smartest tees in the whole catalog are made by MJ (and there should be a lot more of them too). :^)

The meaning is that they are dinosaurs. Who happen to be Communist. For some reason.

If you’ve got time to kill and a burning yearning for meaning finding, feel free to peruse the original derby design thread, the do-over derby design thread, and shirt sale thread.

Otherwise, just accept the absurd glory of the arting and BUY BUY BUY. It’s a fantabulous design on a fabtastic AA blank. Support the quality woot profferings!

((Oh, my pained soul… searching the derby archives for the linked threads, it brought tears to my mind’s eye. Thems were teh glory days… … heavy-hearted sigh.))


Seriously awesome. Bought another cake shirt since I needed a smaller one. Plus it’s on AA, so there.

I’ve also got my original commie dino shirt on AA but it’s MXL and a bit baggy now. Look terrible in tank tops, so I’ll have to pass on that.

Glory days indeed! It was a good time. There was much drama.

Wait, did somebody say AA? Which ones are AA?

The Cake is a Liar (on orange).
S’morse Code Unisex Tank
Experimental Mine Set Unisex Tank
Dinosaurs Who Are Communist… Unisex Poly Tank

(Too bad Interstellar Kitten Pizza Party couldn’t be reoffered; I wouldn’t mind a second copy …)

Temporal Anomaly has got to be one of the best shirts ever on Woot… no just ever.

Some of the quintessential woot designs are from the house of geekfactor12. Well deserved spotlight, MJ.