Artist Spotlight: Hillary White

Many of these are awesome. I was pretty happy when I realized that They Fight and Bite is Itchy and Scratchy (and a neck-remover ray maybe?).

Unfortunately, I’m just not willing to pay $15 for an Anvil tee. Put these on AA and we can talk.

I agree with itoaseik, I love the TNG and Monkey Island shirts, but i’m not dropping 30 bucks on the lousy blanks.

We rly, rly, rly love Hillary’s stuff here in the Woot writer/community room. Maneater is basically our uniform.

So if you’ve ever wanted to dress like a Woot staff member, now’s your chance!

so much to love

Cool to see such absurd variety from one artist. ‘Hello Richie’ struck a chord. Maybe because the song came to mind immediately.

I know i will get abused for asking but what does the owl tshirt bubo mean?

It’s the mechanical owl from the original “Clash of the Titans” movie (1981) :slight_smile:

100% agree with the above posters: Not buying t-shirts from you guys again until you bring back the other style for women. I am tall, but am not shaped like a BOX. These sizes and fits are horrible. :frowning: Please bring the other fits back again!

Jamie, The T-shirt Collector

all very good designs. i can add hillary to my favorite artists.

The more I come back to these- the more brilliant they become- I need to rob a lemonade stand…

I decided that my husband needs this shirt:

Hoisted by his Own Picard

Not sure that he’s ever seen Dirty Dancing, so I might have to explain it to him. However, this ssssssooooo matches his sense of humor that I just couldn’t pass it up.

sigh… my thoughts exactly. These are some of the best designs I have seen in a long time. Totally my style…but… you know…

considering buying 3, but that’s an extra $5 in shipping charges per, for shipping to canada. c’mon woot, consolidate.

Hurray! Woot-off prices saved the day. Got my TNG and Monkey Island shirts for $12 each.

Finally, a Monkey Island reference :smiley: Sorely tempted to get it.