Artist Spotlight: Ochopika

The cutest orange cats on the planet are drawn by Ochopika.

Oh god there goes my moneyyyyyy…

So many catshirts! =^.^=

It’s notable that Jabba the Fluff is the first C-contract (mentions of honor) shirt to have come back here to Woot.

It’s also one of a few that was even offered again anywhere. FWIW, Ocho’s Slow Morning was the first C-contract that printed elsewhere after the year was up.

(I should’ve bought 6 copies instead of only 3 …)

Got one of them in the initial Mentions of Honor run. Want to say it only sold 250 then (that was back when numbers were easily available). Glad to see it back again. Very tempted to snag another.

I can replace my wrecked Free Hugs. The original was not on silver (but I prefer silver).

pokepoke* - shirts need to be restored back to the CATalog.

As first sucker (and the original last Wooter), I can vouch that Free Hugs was always on silver. The blanks have changed since, however, so there’s that difference.

LOLOLOL! Because cats. =^_^=

Real or plush, cats are CUTE!

Precisely. :slight_smile:

Meowy Christmas!