Artist Spotlight: Qetza

Congrats buddy, I’m a fan :wink:

Great collection–congrats Qetza!

You rock, Q!

What I would give for the Reading Rocket Ship on a jersey zip hoodie, one of my favorite designs ever!

Being a small girl such a large design doesn’t work well on a t-shirt :frowning:

Thanks everyone! Thanks Woot! It’s nice to see “Commander in Chef” offered as an apron and the hoodies look great!

@climbingthestars - “Reading Rocket Ship” would make an awesome zip hoodie. I hope it happens one day.

“Reading Rocket Ship” is such a solid design. My son wears it frequently, which suits me as I get to enjoy seeing it a lot. Congrats on the spotlight, Qetza.

Most of these would make great tattoos. I love the one with the astronaut and the balloons, and the coffee one. These would look great on someone’s shoulder or back.

  1. Reading Rocket Ship is one of my favorite prints ever.

  2. Perhaps this is a stupid questions (I’ve all but guaranteed it is, now) but isn’t Reading Rocket Ship usually available in the “all designs” category for $15? What’s the point of it being here?