Artist Spotlight: Radscoolian

I have been wanting ‘Team Tesla’ to add to my collection of Tesla shirts.

First skirochester and now Radscoolian, we’ve been getting some long overdue spotlights lately. :^)

Congrats on the spotlight, Radscoolian! I adore my hedgie with his pincushion sweetheart.

Everything is Gold is one of my “go to” shirts. I wear it all the time and I love it.

If Pins and Needles had been on a ZIP hoodie, with the hedgie on one side and the pincushion on the other, I’d have snapped that up in a heartbeat. Please consider this idea for another time.

i’m currently selling my brand new, never used “nacho champ” apron for just $8 including shipping, and i can send it to you right away. if you’re interested, send me a message; i accept payment via paypal or chase quickpay and would be happy to walk you through the simple steps of using either method.

happy wooting… <=)

Yay! Been waiting for this one a long time! Congrats, Stephen!

I got the Team Tesla in a random sale a while back, on a lightweight jersey hoodie. I happened to be wearing it the day that my unnamed ISP finally made a house call, after they tried to first sell me a new modem and all those other things they do to avoid admitting they have lousy service. Well, the technician was VERY impressed by Team Tesla and stayed until he replaced all the outside switches and my DSL actually worked! Random or not, I am now a supporter of the team. It does make a difference.

Solid Collection! Grats on the spotlight man. :smiley:

Very awesome collection! Congrats on the splotlight!

I want the Pin and Needles but I have no money!!!


Thanks for the spotlight, woot! The derby has been a super positive thing in my life. It’s made me a better artist and helped to pay for my degree. And thank you, woot community! Without you, shirt.woot wouldn’t have it’s heart.

About that post from the other night…,.if anyone from Team Tesla is free, I sure could use their magic. My internet signal went completely and I mean fully dead, not even a weak or feeble gasp of a signal…calling Team Tesla…

I finally did a count of my @radscoolian collection. 11, 8 of which are featured here.