Artist Spotlight: Randyotter

That Octosushi is down right Edgar-esque in thought. Congrats on the spotlight Mr. Otter!

Randyotter’s cat shirts, especially the science one, are sooooo funny! Keep them coming, pleassssse!

More ex-Threadless designs! Congrats on the spotlight, Aaron!

I’m now hearing the Arrogant Worms: “Carrot juice constitutes murder; salad’s a fascist regime! Don’t think that they don’t have feelings… just 'cause a radish can’t scream…”

These are all so fantastic.

Love the cats <3

Oh damn, that Mr Cloud. I have Mr Cloud’s New Scarf in lunchbag form, and now he yet again tempts me…

I like the blue shirt, that’s my fave…

Bring back these shirts! Print to order, and that’s an order Private Woot!

I missed the Mr. Clouds one. Will it be offered again? I’ve been waiting.