Artist Spotlight: Skirochester

woah… this was a nice Friday surprise!! thanks WOOT!

I have an original Make Your Own Luck. I got one for my nephew too. I think it’s so cool. Kinda how I live my life.

I really wish some of his designs that hadn’t been printed before made this sale. He’s had some great derby designs lately that I wished were here. I already have all these that I like :/. Otherwise, congrats on the spotlight Skirochester!

I’ll wear my Let Freedom Ring hoodie with pride, in honour of Steven Hager and Jackie McLean.

I have the original “Sliced Bread” and it still looks great!

most of these are pretty cool. the forest one being erased is a bit too political for me though.

Congratulations on the feature! You have such cool stuff. :smiley:

These are pretty awesome. Already liked the “Make Your Own Luck” shirt, but that “Let Freedom Ring” pullover might be just the thing to go with the better half’s “Reason for the Season” shirt.

Is this the really nice thick material or the same as the jersey hoodies?

These are the fleece hoodies. Do note the sizing chart, as they fit looser than the shirts.

(I’m out, as I have 6 of these designs already. :))

Awesome job. the make your own luck is still one of my favorites I wear it all the time. I wish it came in different colors like red or blue. I will HAVE to buy the sweatshirt.

Awesome. Then this will be what breaks my no-shirt streak.

Hey, since it’s not a shirt, does it still count? XD

I’m totally the wrong person to ask. :tongue: