Artist Spotlight: Spiritgreen

Congrats on the spotlight, Matt!

(But Woot, why isn’t there a box with a direct link to the catalog?)

Thanks for running this D&D (inspired) spotlight!

I hope at least one 80s cartoon fan will get the reference on the text shirt. :^)

Grats on the feature Matt! I love the theme. Having recently bought the ENTIRE D&D cartoon series (for 5 bucks!!!) to watch with my daughter, I caught the reference right away- :wink: Love Hide and Seek!!!

Cograts SG! I love the beholder shirt!

Oh hey, I have two of these already.

Some great designs here. Really like the Error - cuteness overflow shirt. Not sure why smaller sizes are all grayed out though, if these are “printed to order” - side note: this would be great as a onesie!

Unfortunately, even though we do sorta print to order- if we don’t have a blank for which to print upon, we won’t be able to offer that size.

Congratulations on the spotlight! It’s very well deserved :slight_smile:

Like this individual artist spotlight with a theme! Great new designs Spirit. They fit well with the existing ones. My vote is for a video games theme from you next.

Endless Starry Night is my favorite t-shirt so I am really excited to be able to buy some more of this beautiful piece of clothing.

Man, you’re so good at this stuff. The drawings, the color, the composition, the concept… You’re like Tiamat and the Platinum dragon had a baby and the dungeon master himself taught it to harness its magic and power to make t-shirt designs.

Congrats on the Spotlight! I am glad to be able to snag the Discworld shirt. I really love it!

This is beautiful- and yeah. SG is my hero. heh I tried to cut his head off and absorb his power, but those englishmen are quick with a sword…

Damn, thanks Robbie. :slight_smile:

Cheers to everyone for the congrats on this themed spotlight. I’d love to do another one sometime.

Videogames, great suggestion PixelPants!

And oakey, of course you’d be into the Dungeons & Dragons cartoon, being the man of exquisite retro taste that you are.

Am I the only one that thinks that looks like a dung beetle rolling up a ball of dung?

Or did I somehow miss that above?

Dungbeetles & Dragons :slight_smile:

Because a d20 is better than a ball of poo.