Artist Spotlight: Tjost

All hail the great Tjost!

As a Latin teacher, I believe I NEED that first shirt–but I’m not sure I can wait until the Ides of March to wear it.

Tjost is da man!!! Great to finally put a face to the (user)name…

Tjost what the doctor ordered. :slight_smile:
I’m a sucker for anything that shows designers in action or providing background to their work. Plus, no-one told me you had such beautiful piercing eyes, Tjost.

Was hoping for The Binge on a hoodie when I saw this but alas I will have to wait some more to pick one up

I was thinking the exact same thing, since there is no one that wants to see me in that lightweight hoodie.

He was the exuberant gentleman wearing his own designs with his lovely wife at the shirt party, I think you met him! He is more humble in person than his attacks on random strangers in Chipotle would otherwise suggest.


I do enjoy such interviews and behind-the-scene aspects like these. It’s more than just information - it’s emphasizing that there’s a real person behind each and every design here, and when you’re buying (or voting), there’s more to it than just a shirt.

I’m making a note here: Huge success!!

He and his wife are super-cool peoples, I’m glad I got to meet them IRL! Also, this real-life interview stuff is an awesome idea. :slight_smile:

Me too, but I hope you mean on a pullover hoodie…because the zip hoodie is for sale.

(Edit: corrected mistake about time it was for sale. If you like stuff on your back and not your front, but it before it’s gone. Otherwise, wait like the rest of us.)

yes, I meant pull over hoodie, in my youth and early adulthood never referred to the zip up style as a hoodie and never heard anyone either. We just called them sweaters (as well as calling those woven itchy things sweaters too)

“A Novel Idea” …the book bag.

Take my money.