Artistic Weavers Rugs



Rugs of many styles - which is calling your name?


I like several of them, but need a 7’ round size…


This is continuing to be too far of a leap for Woot.

It’s one thing maintaining unique value in discovering uniquely value-adding products to offer loyal followers. It’s another in taking a massive dive into the world of excessive ‘overdone’ in the saturated world that Woot now copies.

So much for offering and sustaining unique leadership. I’m sure future generations will be proud.


so…not a fan of the rugs?


We just moved into a larger place with all hardwood floors so I’ve been window shopping rugs like mad lately. These prices really aren’t that much cheaper than everything else out there.


I’m digging the striped rug, but yeah, the prices don’t exactly scream “buy me!” I can get a pretty rug for $800 just about anywhere. Where’s the deal here?


I never bought anything from this place so I cannot vouch for customer service and such but is one i bookmarked a while back and I always liked the site, selection and the prices seemed good for the product. If you are into buying a rug off a website it’s probably no worse then anywhere else but at least the prices seem reasonable compared to what is on this sale from woot.