Wow! I thought I’d never consider adding another cat shirt to my collection, but this is downright painful. Wow!

Reason 6: All your other shirts have cat hair on them.

Unisex tank please?!

Tell me about it. I now have a collection of those huge plastic storage tubs for my Woot t-shirts - 3/4 of which are cat-themed.

I always dig your loose, painterly style. Congrats on the print, Kharmazero.

so cool… so creepy

Please offer this in the unisex tank! The triblend tank fabric is thin and flimsy, and the sizing is juvenile.

More tanks! Summer’s here! :slight_smile:

Why all the cat shirts? I use to love your shirts, bought many, but the daily cat shirts is ANNOYING. Get off it.

If by daily, you mean that there has NO DAILY CATSHIRT since Return of the Meow on May 6th.

This is only the second catshirt this month, and given the “no cats” rule in the recent derbies, there won’t be any the next three days.

As for the why, check the BOC reveal threads and you’ll see a good number of Wooters have cats.

Pretty unconventional as catshirts go, I like the graphic approach! Sweet color choices.

I would seriously be interested in a canvas of the Aristicat. Seriously. I would definitely buy one. Maybe even two. Possibly three. (related to cat lovers)

thanks a lot for the sweet comments and cat love;)))

is the tank-top version the premium?

Only the tees are currently available.

The women’s tank was only available on the debut day.