ARTISTS! Important Survey. Please Read!!!!


Hi there! We’ve been listening to your comments about the discussion threads for the derbies. There’s a couple ways we can address this so we want to ask you a few questions so we can prioritize the work that best suits your needs.

Please take your time in answering, read all the polls first, and then feel free to add more in the comments.

For the discussions of derby entries:

  • I prefer the new forum format where individual derby discussion threads are posted separately
  • I prefer derby comments to be grouped together by derby entry so I can see the artwork being referenced

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If you had to prioritize one over the other, which would you choose:

  • I would choose to have comments on each derby entry page where I can see the artwork
  • I would choose the combined discussion thread with a thumbnail of the artwork to give context

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For the discussion threads in the old forums, which did you read most:

  • I read comments on the individual derby entry pages most.
  • I read the comments in the combined derby comments most.

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