Artists Pick Their Favorites

These are great! Some of my favorites are here.

ok, tree falls in a woods… why was this not available on a notebook? I am still regretting not getting one… bring them back!

My daughter is wearing her Counting Sheep shirt even as I type this! :slight_smile: If I wasn’t flat broke, I’d probably pick up another couple size for her. We love that one, Kevlar51 :slight_smile:

I practically live in my Villainous Velociraptor hoodie. It is so soft and cozy and happens to be my all-time favorite Woot design too. Spiritgreen has good taste :).

Huh, why does it say $15 for a t-shirt on the “artists” page, but when you click on it it’s $18? Do I need a coupon code or something?

I’m referring to this shirt, fwiw:

All of the links to that shirt, including the one you provided show the shirt is $15. Maybe they fixed it?

Probably. The community mods don’t always followup to comments here, but they do pass messages along to the other departments to fix things when appropriate.

LOVE Boid Shoit, my first shirt.woot purchase. Memories…

I’m actually amazed that I own three of these superb designs already. Great choices, guys!

I’ve always loved this Edgar shirt, but I hate the yellow. Any other color and I would own it.

in the woot trade center, i’m currently selling a brand new, never worn “sub-lime” shirt in size mens 2X for just $7 including shipping–send me a message if you’re interested in buying it.

(and here’s a link to the rest of the items i have up for sale.)