Artists' Shameless Shirt Plug Thread (open to any derby artists)


Ima gonna put my derby entries in here. Yay!


Entries for the Sports Nutz Derby. Please vote!! Thanks! :slight_smile:




LOL. Probably.


At least now I can go around telling everyone that I voted today.


Oh! In all the excitement, I almost forgot about the shirt derby!


I’ll put mine in here too if I ever have any entries again. Yay CRAIGY!


Can you guess which classic sports mascot mine is based on? VOTE FOR IT WHILE YOU GUESS.

By the way, I’m very much enjoying the new forum. It’s so cozy and accommodating! And I really love the ensuite (sorry, I’ve been watching a lot of Love It or List It).


Joining the Shameless plug!


Vote for me please because I asked nicely. Thank you and goodnight.


thanks for putting this here acraigl !

here’s my entry for this week, please vote or comment or both :blush: hehe


This week’s derby shirt:


I have 2 in this week. Thanks for voting! :slight_smile:




Feeling like The Office this week, so my entries this week are 2 versions of the same quote. Thanks for voting, friends!


Recognizing the fact that these are original renditions, you should really search if your idea has been done before. This one has been done to death, unfortunately. Just a heads up – but definitely google a bit before putting pen to paper. Might save you some heartache.


Fair enough. But why heartache? You think they’ll get rejected?


Designs have, in the past, been rejected for similar designs existing on other sites. Can’t say these will or won’t but there is precedent for it… In the spirit of shirt.woot having content unique to their catalog.


Understood. I didn’t see anything like my v1 with the silhouettes, so I figured I’d be fine. Besides, I wanted to make the shirt because I’d totally wear it. Haha