Artists' Shameless Shirt Plug Thread (open to any derby artists)


I just wanted to try posting links and pics. :kissing_heart:



My Bears. Beets. Battlestar Galactica. shirts were rejected - major bummer! but here is my response shirt. please vote!

VOTE -->


That’s upsetting. Similar shirt exists shouldn’t be for concept - it should be for execution. There might be a million “Coffee Right Meow” shirts - but they’re ugly and I don’t want to wear any of them except @walmazan’s. I disapprove.


@speedcheetah’s was dq’d for copyright reasons not SSE. Mine was for being too awesome (and not following rules :slight_smile:).


The message is, “Be yourself, not what people expect you to be.” The handwritten font for “Prototype” represents an original piece of work. The typewritten font for “Stereotype” signifies mass production.


I wasn’t going to participate in this derby, but then I did. Please vote if you have a moment.


Bless your votes. Bless them all night long.

More detail:


Here’s mine. Yay! :turtle: :slight_smile:


I made one this week!


I limited myself to only ONE Harry Potter shirt today:

And one other novel. I’m trying for moderation.


I made one too…


Submitted 3, but these two seem to have the best chance


Is shamelessly plugging still allowed??


I’ll bite! Here’s mine!


Just submitted this late tonight so would appreciate any votes - thanks!


here’s mine for this week, would surely appreciate the votes :slight_smile:



I have 2 designs in this week for the “New Year, New ____” derby. Thanks for checking them out! :blush:


There’s a lot of napping in this week’s derby! Must be the season for it.


I haven’t stayed in the fog this long in… can’t even remember. :thinking: Would really appreciate any votes - much thanks! :blush: