Artists' Shameless Shirt Plug Thread (open to any derby artists)

Would love some minty fresh votes on my latest Derby sub:


I have 2 entries in the current derby, have a look and please vote! Thanks. :slight_smile:

Shamless plug: I made this for one of my friends. I HAVE to see it print, because she wants to buy one for herself, her mom, half her neighborhood. :smiley:

Here’s mine for the week. Thanks for any support!

Please show this mixed up emoji some love. Thanks in advance!

I’ve entered 2 this round, would really appreciate any votes!

Much thanks!

I have one in this week for the Public Domain derby, based on Rudyard Kiplings, The Irish Guards at the Great War. But maybe also for St. Patrick’s Day. :slight_smile: Please vote!

Based on The Lurking Fear by HP Lovecraft.
I thought it was a good design, but not much love going out to it.


Check out my Banksy tribute… And vote! :slight_smile:

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I’m really happy how this one turned out… The mountains are calling and I must go, wait… those aren’t mountains!

Hi all, here is my entry - would really appreciate any votes! Thanks very much! :relaxed:

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Here’s mine! Please get to the derby and vote!

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Please vote :hearts:

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I made a thing. Vote for it! :coffee:

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My design still seems to be hanging in the fog this derby… I haven’t placed in a derby in eons so trying not to get my hopes too high, but in case you like it I’d appreciate any votes! Thank you!!

If you loved the original Not-So Action Packed shirt, you’re going to feel very indifferent about Not-So Action Packed: The Mehquel! VOTE:

Trojan Dog rides again: Still definitely a dog

I have 3 entries this week. If people like sad stuff, math, or turkeys that lost a finger to frostbite, feel free to throw me a vote. Please and thank you?

I didn’t even realize my chickenbutt shirt made the cut for best of 2018 stuffs…
If you have a moment, please vote for it:

Please vote! <3