Artists- what's your weapon of choice?

There are a lot of artists on this site but not everyone is a t-shirt designer. What other kinds of art do you enjoy? I like drawing and painting, and I also make jewelry with hemp and beads. My main artistic passion is photography, though. I just opened an Etsy store to sell photographs as well (Check sig below for the link).

How about the rest of you? Any recent art to share? Websites? Etsy/Ebay stores? Share share share :slight_smile: I like seeing all the talent out there!

Try asking in world of woot shirts.
Not many of the artist read everything but woot.

Really? I wasn’t sure if this thread was worthy of being in “World of Woot Shirts.” Doesnt really have to do with woot shirts. I’ll try tho, thanks :slight_smile:

I like to use my bare hands, oh, you mean for art. Nevermind.