im just wondering what the insurance would be like on that thing…

I’m too distracted by what looks like a giant smiley face on the front of the car to look at anything else

I want rims like that.

I imagine it would be pretty easy to track this car. Don’t plan on using it for a bank robbery or anything.

I imagine that Shirt.Woot has a large graphic artist following. This design seems perfect for that crowd.

This design has so many objects in it with great detail. I particularly like the paintbrushes sticking out the side leaving a trail. The mp3 player and headphones are neat too!

The make up reminds me of those Games magazine mashups where a setting was composed of dozens of little knick-knacks.

It would be hard to use the electronics setup at the front while that car is turning at physically impossible speeds.

If you step back 50 paces, squint a little, & stick your tongue out just right it kinda looks like a Duesenberg.

I thought it was Speed Buggy’s artsy brother

Given the juxtaposition with the headlights, I’m pretty sure it’s supposed to look like it’s smiling. In fact, I’m not sure that the car isn’t the superhero itself.

I like the inclusion of the two essential items for a part time artist working after hours.

  **Coffee and headphones**

Nice attention to detail there!
Now, keep it down or you’ll wake up the missus!

Love the tablet and laptop at the front of the car!! And the PS on the laptop screen that stands for Photoshop! Just like the set up of my desk!

It’s details like these that make me appreciate woot shirts. :slight_smile:

Good job Dustin Lincoln.

Does anyone know if the Artomobile has available stability control and anti-lock breaks? I’m moving from the Motor City to the Frozen Tundra later this year and need something better able to handle snow and ice. This looks like it might be perfect!

(Also, this shirt is WAY more popular in Massachusetts compared to what I normally see at 12:15AM central time. Wicked pissah!)

Like this artomobile, I always forget to put the cap back on the inkwell.

The type of vehicle I’d expect to be driven by a graphikartist…

All of the parts of this artomobile are essential items for any aspiring artist, working after hours or not.

Love this design, very Arcimboldo.

If the mp3 player was a Zune or Sansa I would get it. Just kidding! This color blue is a deal killer, too!