Arturia KeyLab Keyboard Controller

Arturia KeyLab Keyboard Controller

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Can’t someone find just one more somewhere in the warehouse please…:face_with_monocle:

Heh. Sorry. If there were, it would be in one of dozens of Amazon’s warehouses.

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Sigh, ill have to wait for the next keyboard/synth deal, but will train hard until that moment comes so im ready!

Thanks TT :slight_smile:


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Dammnnnnn that was a helluva deal. Hate I missed it :(.

I have a Keylab Essential 61 and a MiniKeyLab Mkii and the build quality on the mkii’s are amazing.

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Yup, that and it comes with Analog Lab giving you access to their digital synths.

I whiffed hard on this one.

They threw a Korg Monologue up a couple months ago for like 220ish, was another great missed opportunity.

I must train harder. Buy stuff, put stuff in cart, remove stuff from cart, pressing Place Order faster…i will not miss one again! Lol

Yeah I’m a huge Arturia Fan - got the two aforementioned controllers, Pigments 2, Analog Lab 4, V Collection 4 & 7. Ha. Love their stuff.

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Oh you have a nice collection, I need to catch up haha.

I’ve always been heavily digital but am starting to poke around at analog or something like this MKII to replace my old Midi keyboard and give me access to their sound/synth libraries.

Well if I see another go up ill tag you to it if I can remember. Good luck!

No keyboards or keyboard synths in the garage sale today, bummer

They shall return one day…one day…