As an artist...

… or any kind of creative type, what’s the weirdest request you’ve had submitted to you?

I recently had a friend ask me to illustrate, of all things, a yeti dressed up in a panda suit.

That’s weird, but I know there has to be weirder stories out there.

Hmmm… in college one of my friends asked me to write her artist’s statement in crayon for her. Her art involved crayons that she had made. The crayons were shaped…they were “adults only” crayons. I had to use one of them to write the artist’s statement.

Yep, weirder story!

Did you ever have to start over from a sudden lack of focus?

well, no, but the crayon was big and not very sharp…lol… so I messed up because of that.

Please don’t confess to having drawn outside the lines*!

*as if that’s wrong!

I’m going to guess that sharpening the crayon was completely out of the question.

How did it come out, in the end?

lol… I think I ended up using a normal crayon to write the thing.

Ha! Did you tell her?