As the Crap Turns

Ha! Finally got the BOC today! Thanks Woot!!

Whooo, got one! I am so ready to be disappointed.

how the heck do people find these so fast? :frowning:

Oh well, it looked for 2 seconds like I might get one…

woohooo I got one!

Got one! Great timing - I was just stopping by the page to see when the last one was and BANG! There it was! AND, I had to log back in to get it and I got it! Yay!!

Damnet! I got it in my cart and realized I signed in with my woot instead of Amazon so my payment info was old! In the 30 seconds it took to correct it was sold out ;-( so disappointed! I was even crapping while trying to order my crap!

Missed another

Scored! Thanks @TheKorto!

Congrats on the disappointment headed your way.

Got one!!! Woohoo!!! I checked at the right moment I guess.

Ugh! So over the carrot! I end up spending way too much $ on other stuff when I get on the site! Doesn’t matter if it’s a Woot off, or just another normal day! Curse you Woot! Lol!


I thought I had discovered a super secret Basket Of Cobras… But was immediately disappointed to find it was bit a farse…
Not cool.

Appropriate that I got my black badge on a Bathysphere of Curmudgeons.

Should I go ahead and head to the dollar store for the win? :slight_smile:

Very much so! Gratz!

WOOHOO! Congrats!

We have a thread all ready to go!!

We’re gonna be talking over here in World of Woot!!